Castillo de Peñíscola Tourist Guides Training | DIPUTACIÓN PROVINCIAL DE CASTELLÓN

Client: Provincial Government of Castellón

Date: 2017

Country: Spain

This training is  a  high specialized workshop focused on the needs of the guides of Peñíscola Castle. The aim is to strength their knowledge and skills as cultural heritage guides.
The  proposal is framed in a new context of tourist value for the Castle, taking into account its recent new musealization which has introduced new interpretative elements that must be emphasized in guided tours.
The capacity building, besides reinforcing the theoretical knowledge necessary to carry out the visit ( for instance in terms of History and Architecture) , incorporates techniques related to communicative skills and management of tourists flows. It should be noted that in high season, this national monument receives massive audiences that require an adequate “management” to develop a quality visit aimed at a wide audience segment.

  • Design of methodology and structure of the training
  • Contents and teaching materials
  • Selection of highly specialized bibliography
  • Design of practical workshops
  • Personalized sesions with participants
For the first time, this year we have involved members of the last year guide’s team who have contributed their experience and know-how, giving the course an even greater practical focus.


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