Creation of tourism products

The art of unveiling a destination’s DNA

One of the most important work areas for ICN-Artea is the design and development of interpretation centres, exhibitions and cultural events.

The key tool for the design of these spaces is heritage interpretation, a concept that has evolved considerably since the first definition offered by Tilden:

“Interpretation is the art of presenting the story of a place to identified audiences in a way that informs, entertains and enlightens, all with the aim of giving the visitor an understanding as to why and in what way that place is important.”

In recent years, the market has been saturated with interpretation centres, museums and exhibitions offering increasingly repetitive proposals. Travellers now demand new quests in the consumption of these types of products. In a constantly changing world peopled by more vulnerable citizens, leisure needs to help visitors to understand the world in which they live.

Time present and time past. Are both perhaps present in time future. And time future contained in time past.
T.S Elliot

Major projects

Santo Domingo

Urban Animation Plan for Tourists and Residents | DOMINIC REPUBLIC


Museographic Project for Peñíscola Castle


Avila´s Mysticism Interpretation Center

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