Tourism Master Plan for the National Park of Guadarrama | SPAIN

Client: Regional Government of Castilla and León

Date : 2013

Country: Spain

Guadarrama was declared as a National Park by the Spanish Government in 2013.
It is one of the largest National Heritage Parks and richest nature wise in Spain. It has eleven different ecosystems presents in the Guadarrama mountains. There are more than 1,280 different species, 1,500 native plants and 30 different types of vegetation.
This project had as a main goal the design of a solid tourist strategy in order to promote it as a sustainable wildlife destination.
Specifically, the core of the Master Plan had two keys:
• Analysis of current tourist profile, as well as available information about national and international tourism markets
• Assessment about public use and sustainability of tourism in the North Area of Guadarrama National Park
• Diagnosis of the current status of the destination (field work, interviews and focus groups with local agents).
• Market research focused on national and international travellers.
• Quantitative study (traveler’s origin, age, spending, satisfaction).
• Study compared with other similar destinations: benchmarking.
• Definition of Strategic lines for a sustainable development.
• Marketing Actions


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