Client: Secretariat of Tourism. Tourism Ministry

Date: 2017

Country: Spain

The purpose of this study is to shed light on a type of tourism that has a residual position in the tourism policies of our country despite its centuries-old tradition, its deseasonalizing value and its capacity to generate economies in territories at risk of depopulation.

The study consists of two parts, a first that draws a picture of the current situation of thermal tourism and a second based on the conclusions drawn in the diagnosis, and that establishes various strategic lines aimed at promoting the evolution and competitiveness of this type of tourism.

  • Documentation and bibliography

One of the difficulties of the project has been the lack of bibliography, studies, research or statistics related to this type of tourism.

  • Interviews and fieldwork

We have selected those key interviews that could give us a multifaceted look of the sector and we have also visited thermal  spas and destinations of particular relevance to the study.

  • Desk Research.

Once the information has been collected, we have structured the study from the general to the particular, based on the following axes:

  • The thermal tourism in Spain from the different elements that integrate it both from supply and demand.
  • Case studies at national and international level that allow identifying best practices.
  • Tourist profile, Analysis of the profile of the thermal tourist from the point of view of their experience, applying the MAEXTUR methodology drafted by our company.
  • SWOT and main conclusions that  summarize the current situation of thermal tourism in public and private spheres.

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