Client: Secretariat of Tourism . Tourism Ministry.

Date: 2019

Country: Spain

This second part of the study on thermal tourism in Spain, defines the strategic framework to address the needs and challenges identified in the first part of this analysis. These keys would be the pillars on which to develop, either a Tourism Product Club or a collective project that will help to cohere and promote the tourism spring sector  both at national and international level.

The study raises the strategic «reset» of the thermal sector with the aim of creating a new vision that improves its national and international positioning.

  •  Vision and objectives that shape a scenario of strategic evolution, introducing innovative issues that are essential to make a qualitative leap.
  • Specific lines of action in order to develop the strategic vision through specific proposals.
  • Road-map, in which a series of milestones have been selected and prioritized (based on the creation of consensus and a short-term start-up).

Some of the proposals of the project involve the implementation of a pilot project capable of showing the possibilities of the sector resetting , the promotion of experiences of tourists further than conventional offers and a more competitive and jointed international promotion.