Client: Provincial Government of Castellón

Date: 2019

Country: Spain

Peniscola Castle dated back to the Knights Templar, and was home to Pope Benedict XIII. It is located on the ridges of Peñiscola, a city near Castellón North of Valencia, and it is one of the most popular Mediterranean tourism destination.

Peniscola Castle has become a hub of attracting tourists all over Spain and the rest of the world with more than 300.000 visitors per year.

For the first time, the Castle is going to analyse the features of the tourist experience through a survey involving the entire phases of the visit (from the first inspiring moments to their final steps during the guided visit).  We have designed a survey including questions related to the rational and emotional experience of the visitors. The goal is to create a making decisions framework for the coming years, about how to improve the different aspects which form the tourist experience.

The survey is the result of applying the Methodology for Tourist Experience Analysis (MAEXTUR) carried out by ICN-Artea  as an Innovation and Research project.

The Peñíscola draft questionnaire was designed by ICN-Artea in close cooperation with people in charge of the Castle, as a part of an specific workshop aimed to train tourist guides in the experiential tourism universe.

The questionnaire involves direct and indirect questions in order to know the rational and emotional experience of visitors

The draft was pre- tested during Easter holidays with excellent results.

Next summer the questionnaire will be carried out with the support of Castle Team