Strategic planning and management of tourism destinations

New times, new destinations

We live in a new era that is both competitive and complex. Destinations,  whether cities, territories or rural areas, need to be rethought in this new context.

Master plans and strategic plans must also be duly adapted, but without losing the spirit of the destination: that intangible essence that singles out a place and its people as something unique. As Paul Valéry said, “The future isn’t what it used to be”: we need to rethink the traditional structures currently supporting the tourism industry.

Today’s tourists seek places where they can reconcile with nature and their surroundings. We share the idea of creative tourism as “an engaged and authentic experience, with participative learning in the arts, heritage, or special character of a place, providing a connection with those who reside in this place and create this living culture.”

Creative tourism as art due its capacity to arouse emotions and create beauty.

Major projects




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