Cultural Tourism Awards | Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism / European Commission

Client: Secretary of State for tourism. Spanish Government

Localización: Spain

European Destinations of Excellence, also known by the acronym EDEN, is an initiative launched by the European Commission promoting sustainable tourism development models across Europe. The project is based on national competitions which take place every year since 2006 and results in the selection of a “destination of excellence” for each participating country. The winners are emerging, lesser known destinations located in the 27 EU Member States, the Candidate Countries and the EFTA/EEA countries.

The aim of this edition of EDEN Project is the appointment of a Spanish tourism destination of Excellence, which has developed a specific tourism offer based on their local tangible cultural assets ( i.e: cultural-historical heritage or contemporary culture, such as traditional historical or archeological monuments, sites, museums, galleries, “ethnic pockets” of towns etc). The specific tourism offer should have been implemented al least since 2015.

Our tasks as technical assistant to the Evaluation Commitee are:

Candidates proposals analysis

Preliminary selection of best destinations

Field visit in order to know in depth the various proposals

Final proposal of best candidates to Evaluation Commitee.

We love the idea of knowing and working directly with the cultural tourism initiatives of our country. Spanish cultural tourism  has been the basis of our growth and specialization as a tourism consulting company.

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