Client:  Segovia City Hall

Year: 2009

Country: Spain

Segovia was declared World Heritage Site in 1985, and it is one of the most relevant Spanish tourist destination. The overall objective of the contract is to improve the competitiveness of the city in terms of marketing and focusing on international and national markets

Specifically, the contractor set the following targets:

  • Better positioning in targeted national and international tourism market
  • Creation of new products applying experiential marketing to the destination.
  • Involving local population in tourism industry as a principal economic area
  • Implementing new models of tourism management and development
Services were provided, concerning 4 tourism development components as follows:

Research and Development component

Field work related to cultural heritage resources.

Interviews with major tourism and cultural stakeholders

Marketing component

Marketing strategy development and Operational strategic plan.

Product development component:

Advisory on product portfolio.

Inventory on historical/cultural sites.

Design of new branding image and applications.

Design of outlines on promotion and commercialization.

Technical assistance on elaboration of promotional material.

Transforming consultingin order to support project implementation

Training on tourism in the context of the knowledge society


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