Rwanda Tourism Master Plan  | Kibuye, Karongi

Client: World Bank Group/ IFC

Date: July 2017

Country: Rwanda

The objective of the project is to undertake a comprehensive exercise in positioning and master planning the Karongi area.  Karongi has been identified as one of the focus destinations to develop as part of the project (Rwanda Investment Climate Reform Program Phase 3 – RICRP3), in order to diversify tourism activities beyond Kigali and Virunga ( gorillas tours Park). This identification was done during a market assessment of the Kivu Belt in 2016. The Karongi area is at an early stage of development but has many of the ingredients necessary to grow into a dynamic leisure resort destination.
The assignment will comprise the following main analyses and activities:

  • Market positioning of destination based on supply/demand analysis and any other necessary research.
  • Establishing vision and objectives of the Karongi tourism area, taking into account the market position of the destination, and its likely target markets.
  • Identifying all barriers and challenges at a destination level.
  • Developing a master plan (spatial) for the Karongi District to define the organization of the area and to identify products and services requirements.
  • Integrating the master plan and its practical application into the national and sub-national planning and policy framework.
  • Developing an action plan for the implementation of the master plan, indicating responsible bodies.
  • Developing marketing materials, including brand identity, a brochure and a promotional static web site.

Rwanda is a fascinating country with a solid economic growth and challenging goals for the near future. For us was a pleasure to share this project with our Spanish colleges of Aninver.

One year after the completion of the Karongi development plan the District took the action plan seriously and :

– formed a working group to support implementation with discussions now on adding a technical committee
– moved the road in the hotel/marina site
– developed a public beach to encourage events
– secured a leisure boat building investing company
– put in street lighting across the destination
– secured 5 new hotel investments . One investor directly attributed his decision to invest to the workshops and the development plan.

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