National Sustainable Tourism Development Plan for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Maritinique

Client: Government of Grenada/World Bank funds

Date: 2020

Country: Grenada

This project aims to make a review of the country’s tourism industry and its interactions with other bodies. The project is also focused on the analysis of critical issues such as the post-COVID 19 tourism era, the blue economy, climate change, or the new tourism trends in order to prepare The national sustainable tourism plan and the road map for its implementation. The project should ensure the industry’s sustainability and must be integrated within Grenada’s Sustainable Development Plan 2020-2035.

  • Assess the performance of the national tourism industry over the past ten years
  • Assess the current administrative setup and relationships
  • Assess regional and global tourism trends and their application to the medium to long term growth of the national tourism industry
  • Review existing tourism legislations
  • Propose new sustainable products & services, as well as packaging that are integrated into mainstream tourism
  • Carry out market segmentation
  • Conduct projections of economic and financial impact of different tourism policies and reports
  • Better define the role of the private and public sectors in developing the tourism industry
  • Develop investment attraction approaches that are aligned with broader national vision of the tourism industry’s development
  • Improve support for and positioning of community-based tourism
  • Organise series of stakeholders’ workshops to examine their contribution and role in the growth of the industry
  • Map, grade and refine the industry
  • Identify mechanisms to financially support the development of tourism businesses

We are delighted of coming back to the Caribbean area, a region that needs to face multiple challenges related to tourism in the post-COVID 19 stages but also referred to climate change as a critical problem in the area