Diagnosis, Market Research and Branding for Tourism Competitiveness Plan in Gredos and Iruelas Valley | SPAIN

Client: Secretaría de Estado de Turismo, Junta de Castilla y León, Diputación de Ávila.

Date: 2012

Country: España.

Gredos is one of the most characteristic nature tourism regions of the Iberian Peninsula. The territory is implementing a Tourism Competitiveness Plan with the support of national, regional and local governments.
The content of the work included:

  • Diagnosis of the current status of the destination (field work, interviews and focus groups with local agents).
  • Market research focusing on the traveler’s experience (emotions, feelings and lifestyle).
  • Quantitative study (traveler’s origin, age, spending, satisfaction).
  • Study compared with other similar destinations: benchmarking.
  • Study of tour operators (conventional and online) in order to identify the SWOT for Gredos in the tourism market.
  • Branding design based on the results of analysis and studies mentioned above.

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