Development of Ecotourism Strategy for Malawi under Promoting Investments and Competitiveness int the Tourism Sector (PICTS).  | MALAWI

Client: Government of Malawi. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Date: 2019

Country: Malawi

The strategy will provide direction for product development and diversification, infrastructure development, manpower development, community participation, conservation of nature and preservation of cultural heritage as well as marketing and promotion strategies for Ecotourism.

The formulation of the Ecotourism Strategy will include the following tasks:

Situation Analysis of Malawi and its competition
Review of existing plans and studies
Assessment of the existing ecotourism products
Identify potential for new ecotourism products
Develop ecotourism development guidelines for investments
Assess and map each product with a framework that includes resource, market, economic and social criteria
Develop an Ecotourism Strategy and Action Plans in the areas of product development
Design collateral Materials for ecotourism promotion

Our first project in Malawi, a great opportunity to work with Tourism Ministry Team defining the keys for an innovative and competitive strategy in the field of ecotourism. Challenging and exciting.