Georgia Third Regional Development Project (RDP3)

Promote selected cultural heritage sites

Samtskhe-Javakheti Region

Client: World Bank and Government of Georgia

Date: 2021-2022

Country: Georgia

The Third Regional Development Project (RDP3) is one of the active investment operations of MDF co-financed by the World Bank Group and the Government of Georgia (GoG). The aim of RDP 3 is to promote tourism development in Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Samtskhe-Javakheti Regions.

The objective of this assignment is to promote selected cultural heritage sites, supported under RDP3, in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, as touristic destinations and improve their management and commercial appeal.

The content of the consultancy involves to offer expertise, provide guidance and advice, and capacity building (trainings and knowledge exchange) opportunities for the staff of the selected cultural heritage sites and NACHP, as well as the local DMO, resulting in improved site management plans and skills, and increased income generation through the development and offering of various products at these sites.

  • Conduct desk research and analysis of available information for the development of the management and commercialization plans.
  • Conduct field visits and inspect facilities and learn about tourist and commercial offerings currently available.
  • Identify and propose products and services that have most potential for the economic development and sustainability of the site.
  • Illustrate relevant international best practices that can be taken as reasonable benchmarks for other Samtskhe-Javakheti touristic sites, always keeping in mind the crucial importance of the context (geographic, social, economic, etc).
  • In collaboration with the relevant stakeholders and including the DMO, identify possible strategic alliances (with local, national and international actors) and lay the foundations for the construction of cultural networks that will facilitate the process of cultural and economic development of the sites and effective governance of the sites managed by NACHP and other relevant agencies.
  • Develop management and commercialization plan for the selected CH sites. The management plan should include all the aspects that contribute to a visitor’s experience, taking account of the needs of the visitors, local stakeholders and the environment.
  • Develop promotion strategy for the selected cultural heritage site (meaning: define the site image, branding and marketing).
  • Conduct validation workshop/s with main stakeholders, interested parties, and present developed management plan.
  • Provide additional support to NACHP during the Management Plan implementation phase to secure the satisfactory results as described in the plans.
  • Conduct need assessment of the DMO and NACHP staff in the beginning of this assignment and throughout undertake capacity-building activities (training and knowledge exchange, on the job training, etc) for the selected CH site staff, DMO and the NACHP representatives. The training plans and programs shall be agreed with the Client before implementation.
  • Coordinate closely with other donors

The practical approach is one of the challenges of this project and what makes it specially interesting.

Trainning, co-creation, co-working , cross-cutting meetings are some of the tools to carry out the tasks involved.

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