CUT Project. Methodology for Self-Assessment of Tourist Destinations. Italy, Greece, Spain, France- INTERREG IIIC. European Union Program


European Union, 2007


This project was developed under the framework of the INTERREG IIIC South Regional Framework Operation PROGRESDEC ESDP steps. This operation is based on Intelligent Management of coastal, cultural and nature destinations. Regions of Spain, Greece, France and Italy were involved in this project with the aim of sharing experiences in the field of sustainable tourism management and verifying connections between their practices and the guidelines deriving from the European Territorial Strategy.

A new methodology was created by ICN-Artea to develop tourism projects based on their available cultural, wildlife and tourism assets. The project serves as a guide for the self-evaluation of tourist destinations, including a series of indicators for field work, diagnosis, action measures, monitoring, promotion, communication, training and raising awareness among the local population.


The project included:

  • Benchmarking analysis.
  • Common strategy lines for economic development through tourism.
  • Methods for revitalization of cultural and natural resources.
  • Organizational models for tourism management.
  • Monitoring indicators (KPIs) and baseline definitions.


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