Client: IDB 

Date: 2015-2016

This consultancy is part of a group of studies that were contracted by the Inter-American Development Bank to support the preparation of the National Tourism Program (NTP) in Barbados (BA-L1033).

The project’s aim was to reinforce the tourism diversification efforts initiated by the Ministry of Tourism, while ensuring that the investments included in the operation made a measureable contribution to the tourism sector´s reactivation.

ICN-Artea designed a National Plan focused on the creation of new heritage/cultural tourism products. In addition, the company defined a  Marketing Strategy and a Digital Marketing Plan.

  • National Tourism Program Strategy and Marketing Plan design, including actions based on the results of market analysis and tourist surveys.
  • Analysis of the cruise ship experience, with a focus on the local value chain and the existing possibilities to increase cruiser expenditure during on-shore visits.
  • Surveys of cruisers arriving in Barbados in order to ascertain their interest and willingness to pay for new heritage and cultural tourism products.
  • Diagnosis of the main strengths and bottlenecks of the existing tourism supply, identifying those areas that need to be reinforced in relation to demand preferences.
  • Definition of specific activities and lines of action in order to support youth inclusion along the tourism value chain.


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