Avila´s Mysticism Interpretation Center

Client: C.I Mística. Ávila city hall

Year: 2004

This center comes to complement the traditional offer of religious tourism linked to Teresa of Avila, from an innovative way of understanding the mystic. It was built in the context of the Tourist Excellence Plan.

This space is the only centre of its kind in Europe and its aim is to introduce visitors to the phenomenon of mysticism. It stands as a compendium of universal mysticism and a work of mystic art.
It is located in a refurbished building outside the walls of the city, very close to the Convent of St Teresa. The size of the building has not been altered; it has a modern look and its most significant feature is the prismatic roof, which filters light through an exterior laminated membrane.

It is organized into four rooms, which coincide with the four universal mystic themes: Room 1, Tradition; Room 2, Knowledge of self, the place for being with oneself; Room 3, Enlightenment, that of union with God; Room 4, Action, the return of mystics to the world.It shows the general features of mystic knowledge through symbols placed in the four rooms.

Avila’s Mysticism Interpretation Center houses a compendium of universal  mystical concepts and is itself a work of art inspired in the mystic tradition.

It is a unique metaphor of the mystical manifestations of all cultures through the ages.

Architecture, painting, sculpture, object art, design, music, lights and  shadows, sounds, materials, words and poetry work together in this daring project: to bring mysticism to the men and women of our modern world as a useful possibility that is fully current.

The project included the following actions:


– Museographic Design.

– Executive content design.

– Direction and production of artistic and exhibition pieces

– Management plan.


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