Tourist Brand | Alt Maestrat Territory

Cliente:Plan for Tourist Excelence: Alt Maestrat.

Date: 2017

Country: Spain

The Alt Maestrat brand was designed in the context of the  Tourist Excellence Plan for this inland Mediterranean territory  and aims to reflect  the DNA of this stunning space, in a contemporary way

We have opted for a motto in English “Human Land”, very easy to understand, focused on a wide audience, national or international.

“Land” in English acquires very broad literary meanings, referring as much to the Earth, the town or the country.

The motto moved to a land inhabited and worked by people from  immemorial time. The message communicates the personality of the brand, its philosophy, inspires confidence and consolidates its presence. It promotes its image and makes its difference.

The brand is a direct consequence of the Strategic Plan of the territory which we had carried out previously.

Alt Maestrat interpretation and DNA definition

Graphic Design and motto creation in cooperation with Celda & Partners

Extensive manual on corporate identity.

We worked closely with our colleagues of Celda&Associated, an impresive team of Sapnish designers highly specialized in branding.

Concept and design jointed in a common effort.

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