Technological networks and the globalization of life

The great global technology network has introduced our lives into a “general whole”. Tourist destinations are also part of this large, hyper-connected ecosystem. In the coming years, the attractiveness of these destinations will come from their ability to find and display the images that make them special, capable of provoking and producing the sensations and emotions that allow the tourist to feel part of them.

This idea of “feeling part of the destination” is key. Current tourists want more than just visiting a place, they want to “be with it”. The great challenge of the destinations will be precisely that: to make the tourist feel unique and at the same time part of something.

“If you’re not making a difference in people’s lives, you should not do business”

Richard Branson. Founder of Virgin.

New times, new destinations

The challenge of thrilling the tourist

The art of unveiled the DNA of each place

Creating solid bases for making decisions

More than 400 projects all over the world

Barbados, Costa Rica, Etiopía, Bulgaria, Portugal,…

Years of devotion  to the multi-faceted tourism industry, first in Spain and later around the world, have allowed us  being close to the realities and challenges of different countries and local communities. The big and the small, the global and the local as inseparable realities.

Tourism as a transversal discipline has let us to address cultural, social and economic challenges such as the empowerment of women, the insertion of young people in the tourism industry, the resilience of destinations in extreme conditions or the adaptation of products and destinations  to climate change. Each new project involves new challenges to solve; this is the difficulty and at the same time the attractiveness of our work.

The stuff of dreams

We help destinations to connect with the wishes, dreams, emotions and needs of contemporary travelers.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on”.
William Shakespeare

Major projects

Costa Rica



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